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Counterfeit Notes
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Elandurt Bills Since 2009

Founded in 2009, Elandurt today has presence in the fields of Counterfeit Bills, Stained Notes, Black Notes and among others. At Elandurt we take pride in supplying quality products consistently for over 10 years, and growing on the trust and goodwill of our customers.

Our vision is to supply high quality fake banknotes, with a sharp focus on quality and excellence, and on delivering world-class notes. Our competence lies in timely delivery of the best quality counterfeit currencies at most competitive price to attain optimum customer satisfaction.

With over 10 years of experience in this network of currency business, we know your coming to this page is not accidental. We understand you have different reasons for contacting us and wanting to buy our products. We are a very big network of those who provide the world with a business partnership, investment, raise capital, loans, and many more business opportunities. We sell super notes of all currencies which do not fade and passes all counterfeit test. We can guarantee you with the best venture capital investors around the world with ready cash to work with you.

Our Excellence

We regard quality as our most successful attribute and its the key to our success, today and tomorrow. Our well established business relations with established and quality conscious distributors assist us in delivering desired output in the end products as demanded by us from our customers. 

Our Patronage

Our customer orientation and service culture leads to enduring bonds with clients. We have won many accolades by providing premium quality products to our clients all across the globe. The trust and support of our clients has encouraged us to elevate our standard of quality.

On-time delivery

Our well defined business approach right from understanding the order requirements to identifying the manufacturers till getting the consignment delivered at customer’s end, our well defined business operations ensure our customers get nothing but the best deals from us.

Quality & Our Facilities

We make it sure that we provide finest quality of every product we deal, ensuring total quality assurance. Quality is an issue for buyer, whether dealing with commodities produced to basic standards or with the high-end quality products. We have a developed a sound infrastructure through the course of time. We source finest quality products for the benefits of our clients. The technical know-how coupled with the vast experience of our experts helps in supplying unrivaled products.

Your One Stop Money House!

Anyone can have or own a FAKE notes. What you do with it is up to you. Sometimes you just need to have them for entertainment or whatever (Some Security Purposes are necessary). We do not condone anything you do with the product that may be illegal. Please use your own judgment. We sell super notes which can never and has never been detected by any light, machine, pen, or counterfeit detectors. We understand and appreciate that you are concerned about privacy, particularly in relation to the use and disclosure of Personal Information. We are committed to providing a high level of privacy in relation to all Personal Information that is collected by us. We are the sole owners of this website and we only collect information that you have voluntarily given us via our website, email, and phone. You can rest assured that your information will never be sold out to any other client or seen anywhere on the internet. We will only use your information for the purpose of which it’s intended for.

Why We Are The Best?

No sharing with any third party. Here you consider your privacy as one of the serious issues. Privacy actually means privacy. Our policy states that whatever information we collect from you is solely used to contact you only and will not be sold or shared with a third party under any condition. About all web servers track basic information for their visitors. This information can be IP and browser details, Time zone, and pages but this is not limited to the above mentioned. The above information cannot identify visitors to this website.

SSD Solution For Money Cleaning

Da Vaults offers a gigantic scope of products and services, among which SSD Chemical Solution, blank notes, and the activation powder. We are extremely famous for selling chemicals that are utilized for cleaning dark, green, white, and numerous different sorts of money. These help in cleaning stains and defacing banknotes for you. We have a group of profoundly experienced experts who understand the intensity of your work and complete it immediately. We are additionally accessible with the most recent machines that could change your cash into totally new.

Buy Fake Money That Looks And Feel Real

Secondly, we use 80% cotton and 20% cellulose paper to make our realistic fake money. This, therefore, makes them differ from our ordinary papers. Since we are using a special production technique. In addition, We can assure you that once your order from us you must come back for more. Which has to make our realistic fake money to be usable. Never the less, the guidelines on detecting fake money that looks real has been studied by us for a number of years. Which has made us perfect of what you are trying to order into usable notes. We now have realistic fake money available in stock. How Do I Know This Is Legit?

Realistic Fake Money

To begin with, We are efficient and effective in this counterfeit money making field. Our realistic fake money has different serial numbers and holograms. We the quality papers and materials already imprinted, designed front and back of different currencies and denominations. Furthermore, All our realistic counterfeit bills passes a major test like ultraviolet, the pen test, and many counterfeit or fake money detection technics that exist. We send your order discreetly to any address to be dropped off. More so, You don’t need to sign or be available to get your package since it’s drop off. This delivery is via a Mailing Service. Furthermore, it takes 2 to 5 days depending on your country and address. Order will be arranged and shipped out with a serial seal to make sure that the usable counterfeit money is protected from damages, leakage, or an inspection by customs authorities. Buy realistic fake money from us now.

How Do I Know This Is Legit?

This is one of the major challenges we face each and every day in this field. As there are too many scammers out there and more people claiming to sell either the money. Which they can’t produce or have low quality counterfeit or fake money. In conclusion, For proves and evidence that this is legitimate, you can get in touch with us privately. Via our contact information and we shall show all the available proves and recent evidence that this is legit. As well as, the fact that this counterfeit money can also pass all or a majority of the counterfeiting checking methods. You can now order realistic fake money from our shop.